Finding our own path

Life has a way to gather people in an unexpected way. From meeting your mate or a new friend, when we are living our life through our spirit. During that process we are also faced with the opportunity to look back at the people who are surrounding us in our life.

We can go with a wonderful family and stay in close touch with each of them. Or we can be born into a dysfunctional family that makes the situation toxic. Most people will stay with that or some will decide what is best for them is to walk away for their own good.

When we are faced with life changing events from losing a job, being sick or making a choice to walk away from a toxic relationship, we have to learn to adjust in order to move forward in our lives.

Perhaps we think it can be easy to carry an enormous load on our shoulders, but it is not helping us in our journey. We have the opportunity to improve our lives by doing an inventory of where we are at any given time. We do not need to stay where we are. We are the master of our own destiny; we are the magician that can change the course of our life for the better.

As we are evolving and changing, we have to know more about our own self. Not expecting to do everything perfectly but instead going messy so we can learn as a student. When we are coming with an open mind, we have opportunities to become who we are meant to be.

Not feeling the world upon our shoulders but instead being part of the world. We are not disconnecting but feeling in tune, in harmony with the world. Ignoring the ego world, focusing on creating a positive environment for all of us.