Letting our inner child

As child we have huge dreams and inspiration. We are seeing the world in a different light. Our dreams are wild and colorful, we have no sense of money, the sky is the limit.

We can look at the clouds and see the beautiful design and pictures that are forming. We are noticing the color of the flowers. Seeing ourselves running barefoot on the grass.

Laughing loudly at the sky and being happy and excited at the prospect of tomorrow. Not worrying of how much the ego world is present on everyone else’s life. Instead, being able to inspire and fuel our dreams.

As a child we are seeing the world in the eyes of innocence, we are absorbing the world around us. Thirsty to learn everything we can while growing up. The battle between our ego and spirit will come as we are in our teenage years.

But when you are a little one running free on the grass, laughing at the sky we are not thinking of our older self we are just living in the moment. This is what we need to learn to recapture again.

Taking the time to reconnect with our inner child. Taking the time each day to close our eyes and let our imagination go back in time to channel our inner child. When we are able to do that, we are infusing our body and mind with the creative side of us.

We can also reignite that when we are willing to do something creative, for example, drawing or taking a pottery class even gardening. When we are able to focus on what we would like to plant or how we would like to see how our garden looks we are actually opening the doors of creativity in our life. The time you are spending with your hands in the dirty to plant and shape your garden will come alive when you are done. Taking the time to water it every day and attending it so it continues to flourish and bloom.

It is also a great way for us to become whole again.