Balancing our lives is an act on its own

We all wish to be able to transform our lives to become a fairy tale. But when reality settles in, we are feeling lost, our life is not as we wanted. In those moments instead of feeling the walls are closing on us we can start to learn a new pattern.

Grounding ourselves by controlling our breathing will help us to stay centered. Starting to infuse ourselves with a different mantra. We are in the place where we can make a difference in our lives by refusing to settle for our outer condition.

Instead we must awaken the warrior in us to move forward. Wanting a better life for ourselves is not out of reach. We are becoming in touch with our inner voice, with our spirit, as we are ready to embrace our spirit fully.

Celebrating our spirit and the life we have. Willing to becoming who we are meant to be by going into uncharted territory. Letting our imagination be free by letting our dreams become reality. Dreaming helps us to shape our future.

So what are you currently thinking? Do you see yourself successful and happy? Or do you feel the world is against you? Do you feel you are living the life you always wanted? Or do you feel the world you are in must be a mistake?

Are you feeling fulfilled or do you feel you are missing something? Are you happy and grounded or are you stressed and out of control? We could continue to expand this line of questioning to narrow it down to where you are actually in your journey.

But this will require you to be open and honest with yourself. Learning to live an authentic life is being willing to see what our life is and ready to make the proper changes. We are here to not only elevate our spirit but also learning to be human.