We are the master gardener

Learning to live a balanced life is an act in its own. We can feel alone on our path, but we need to learn to open our eyes and start to listen to our spirit by quieting the noise that surrounds us.

Realizing that from time to time we are not going to be able to foresee what is coming toward us. Just learning to have faith and believing in the universe. It takes a lot of courage to let it go and make the leap of faith that will continue to guide us in our journey.

In times of uncertainty feeling at peace can be difficult. Being afraid of the unknown can be debilitating when we feel overwhelmed with everything. When you are slowing down and start to work on your breathing you are learning to center yourself.

Opening your heart and letting your spirit be. When you show your true colors, you are impacting your outer condition in a positive way. You are becoming the trailblazer starting to transform your lives. We are the master painter of our own destiny.

Our main purpose in to become the student of life. Learning to balance our spirit and the human side of us. It is not an easy act to do, but this is why we are here.

As we are growing and evolving so are our dreams and experiences. We have so much potential to accomplished when we are putting our minds into it. Staying focused on our path, not being distracted by the noise the ego world makes.

Instead, learning to become the master gardener taking care of our own field of dreams. Ensuring what we have planted will come to fruition, working with the universe helps us to archive so much more.

Letting perfect synchronicity enter our lives. Being open to the changes that are elevating ourselves.