Our journey of a lifetime

Having faith on the path we are walking on, it is a journey of a lifetime. We are the students of life. We are learning, as we are changing and evolving, what we would like to become.

We are not in need to become what others want us to become. Instead we are becoming the beauty of the world. The co-creators that will change our life and influence others to become who they are meant to become.

Having faith for a better tomorrow, not letting the world influence us. Being open to live an authentic life. We are the wonders of the world; the world is our playground. When we are realizing we can become the master of our own destiny we are the rising stars that will elevate us.

While we are transforming ourselves into our beautify spirit we have to learn to be present in our lives. Taking care of our own self by changing our patterns. Learning to be mindful with our physical body.

Learning to balance our life by learning to listen to our spirit while maintaining a healthy life. It takes a lot of will power to stay on our course. When being distracted by the ego world we might lose focus on our own path, but the distractions we might encounter should not derail us.

Instead we should learn to stay grounded while navigating the raging river we are in. Having found my “Havre de Paix” I can learn more about who I am.

We have the capability to not only live our lives to the fullest but also influence others to do the same. When we are willing to shift the path we are on, we can learn to become the alchemist.  The magician that will empower others to become the master of their own destiny. Nothing is impossible if we put our mind into it.