Living our lives by being blessed

Being grateful and blessed can be challenging when we are facing the chaos of the world. Or we do not have enough food on our table, but the essence of being blessed is being able to see what is not yet there. It is a feeling of contentment when we are lacking everything.

It is a way to remind ourselves we are special even if we feel invisible to the world. Pushing our limits to accept who we truly are even if our outer condition is less than ideal. We need this energy in our body to finally take the next step into the unknown.

Our journey might be a long one but is one of the most fulfilling when we are leading our lives through our spirit. Even if the road is difficult, we can learn to co-create with the universe. Entering a partnership to finally embrace our own spirit.

Going on our own path is discovering who we truly are. Becoming the rising star that will inspire others. Living a life of a thousand is opening our heart to connect with the universe. Finding the wonders of the world and becoming the better part of us.

In this difficult time, we might lose a part of your own self. Not feeling worthy of what we could do. We are the essence of life and the power of our own spirit. Learning to balance our own life is challenging enough.

By grounding and living an authentic life we are opening the doors that connect with each other. We are part of an experience that is unique and powerful. We have the creative side of us ready to open up and materialize what we would like to experience next.

We are the wonders of the world, the beautiful spirit that will light up the night sky for others to see their path.