Expressing our own spirit

Finding the peace in our lives when a world of uncertainty is surrounding us. Not knowing what tomorrow will be since the landscape we knew has changed dramatically. Adapting is the hardest part for some of us. When you are used to control every single aspect of your life it is overwhelming to let it go.

Feeling we are at the mercy of the outer elements that we cannot control makes it challenging. When you learn to go with the flow this is where you start to learn to co-create with the universe. Understanding we are not in control of our outer condition but learning to lean on our spirit to control our thoughts.

Learning to overcome the idea of letting it go and becoming our spirit is the first step to our awakening. Becoming thoughtful of our own habits, changing our patterns as we continue to grow and mature. Being gentle with our own self, reminding ourselves that our own life is based on our thoughts.

Willing to change the course of our lives. Living authenticity will inspire us to move to the next leg of our journey. By dreaming big we can transform something beautiful to something incredible.

We have what it takes to ride the storms. We have the will to move forward. We have the beauty in our heart to not only express, but also materialize what our heart desires. We can become the wonders of the world by changing our outer condition.

We have, inside of us, so much to discover, from our own inspiration to creativity. Walking on our own path helps us to discover who we truly are. We are feeling the world of the universe upon us, guiding us in a way we could never be able to archive.

Becoming a co-creator teaches us to push ourselves beyond the limits the ego world is trying to confine us into it.