We are the beauty

It is never the end of the road; it is only the beginning of the next leg on our journey. I have had to face, in my life, unexpected changes that where unsettling. And having to learn to cope with those changes we are facing can be difficult.

It is a debilitating to always feel like we are fighting every single step in our lives. Pushing ourselves beyond our own limits. Not willing to give up on our dreams, letting go of our old patterns and embracing our spirit.

Our inspiration comes from our spirit when you are opening your heart. You finally let your vulnerable side become alive. We are not our ego; we are not our outer condition. Nurturing our lives, our hearts becoming the gentle gardener that will watch over our seeds of creation.

Learning to step back when the time is needed for us to let our dreams materialize. Building our own dreams one step at a time, learning to let perfect synchronicity enter into our lives. When you are learning to co-create you are opening the doors to infinite possibilities.

Nothing is impossible when you are willing to break down the walls. Learning to let our spirit guide us. Feeling the love in our hearts, walking on our own path. Living a journey that is ours. As the unique entity we are, we need to be open to embrace who we truly are.

It might take a few decades for us to archive our own dreams but during that time we are learning to know each side of our spirit.  Becoming who we are meant to become by embracing our own skills.

Our journey can be extremely intense from time to time, but it also opens our spirit wider. It is our time of a thousand life’s, we are the beautiful butterfly that is waiting in the shadows to fly away to the sun. Ready to show its’ true colors.