Thoughts from the editor

Expressing our own self doesn’t mean we have to destroy someone else’s property or even dreams! Using destruction as an excuse to communicate is not the right way. Often frustration is building up when we are not being heard.

It doesn’t mean we have to go on a rampage and destroy others’ property.  Breaking into an animal rescue shelters and dangle a poor dog in front of a TV just to show off. It is horrifying to see an innocent animal that is destined to have a second chance with a happy family to be put in such frightening situation.

How as a society should we accept this kind of behavior in the name of changes! It is inexcusable to act this way! It only continues to portray a stereotype about a group of people.

Instead of destroying businesses and taking away what people have worked hard to create, why not come peacefully around a table and start a conversation that will help change what is broken.

Like everything else it might take some time to make this all happen, but we cannot lose hope that positive changes are coming. We are living in a society lead by the ego world that will stereotype anyone and everything.

In order to change society, we need to change the way WE think. It might be easier for some to do that but for others growing up the way they did without much direction or guidance it might take them longer if at all.  We cannot continue to bring negativity into this world.

We are all students of life; we have to continue to grow one step at a time. When we are willing to change our patterns, we have the possibilities to live in a better world.

It is again up to us to be willing to do that. We need to stop making excuses or even threatening others every time we cannot get our way. Instead we should live our lives through our spirit to find the peace we need to be able to live a better life. Accepting one another regardless of our background or race.