Food for the thoughts

Do we have to live under a rock or our head in the sand each time we are facing challenges in our lives? Do we have to become numb to the world when we are faced by the adversity of the world?

Do we have to use violence as an excuse or outlet each time we do not get our own way? Do we have to harass our neighbors because we do not like them or because we feel they are different than us?

Do we have to be rude to someone because we are having a bad day? Do we have the need to feel rude to someone because we feel superior to them?

Are we so blinded by our ego we are getting out of touch with the world? These questions need to be asked of ourselves in order to reassess where we are in our lives.

Living in the world of illusion we are losing who we truly are. Being distracted by all the shiny objects that are dangling in the front of us. Recognizing we are not open to listen to our spirit and the guidance of the universe. We can still learn to course correct our path.

Learning to go into the unknown to finally become the rising stars we truly are. Nothing should ever stop us from becoming who we truly are. To do that we need to change our patterns, the way we see life and be open to reinvent our own self.

It is easy to feel like a victim in an outside world we cannot control. Feeling invisible or rejected doesn’t mean we are a lost cause. We can change all of that by stopping the negative thoughts in our own mind.

We can start to plant the right seeds in our field of dreams and seeing our lives change for the better when we are willing to change our lives for the better.