Following our own path

We all have our own destiny, taking on the challenges to reach our life purpose requires us to stay focused. From removing what weighs us down, to dysfunctional people that are not here for our highest good.

It might be difficult to walk away from them if they are close to you. But when you know deep in your heart you cannot continue to carry them you have to have faith in your heart, they will find their own way.

We cannot be the one spending our times trying to resolve their issues or guide them on their path. They have to do it on their own. We can encourage them but at the end of the day it is their journey.

Having to support one another in our journey is what we should be doing. But it cannot become our duty to do it for them. We have to be strong and learn to step back and let them go.

If we are keeping on doing the same thing for them, we are not helping them. Instead we are creating a pattern of co-dependency that will never stop and our life will continue to be intertwined with their life which becomes a “no win” situation for both of us.

Changing our path that will not be for our highest good. We can love each other but our path is unique. We are the painters, the artists that will set the tone for our next experience.

We are the wonders of the world; we are the co-creators. We have the possibilities to create the life we always wanted. That said, with the free will we have, we can choose to deviate from our path.

By doing that we might add more obstacles to reach our holy ground. We are ready to embrace what come to us when we are ready to follow our spirit. We need to remind ourselves we are here to reach our own holy ground.