We are the painters of our own lives

Watching the sun rising is wonderful we can slow down our lives and listening to the world of nature around us. From the frogs that are finally back to the noise of all the critters that are telling us spring has comeback.

As the world is waking up slowly, we can start to notice the noises nature is doing. But also realizing being present in our lives can show us we are not alone. There is an entire world around us that is alive and busy as we are.

We are only part of that world, nature has so much more to show us when we are willing to stand still. Becoming an observer, realizing how beautiful our outer condition is. Noticing details, we would have missed because we are too busy in our own lives.

When we slow down we can ground yourself. Starting to enjoy our lives and surroundings. Nothing becomes impossible when we are open to listen to what our spirit is telling us.

Seeing the gifts, the world has to offer, being willing to open our heart and let our spirit guide us. We have so much more to learn when we are willing to keep our eyes open.

When we are willing to let the magic of the universe enter our lives. We are changing the course of our lives. We are becoming the rising stars, learning to lean on our spirit to guide us into our holy ground.

Our journey is a journey of thousands.  We are reminded every day, even though we have our own freewill, we still have to continue on our journey. Reaching our holy ground is our ultimate goal.

Nurturing our spirit, focusing on minding our own business. Watching the seeds, we have planted growing and flourishing. By doing that we are keeping our focus on what is for our highest good. Not losing ourselves in the ego world.