Focusing on my life

Today I am inspired, I am on fire, ready to overcome what comes my way. I am ready to continue to move forward in my life. Understanding it is a marathon not a sprint. Willing to make the right changes in my journey to course correct my path.

Dreaming of a better day, feeling the power within me to conquer my deepest fears. I have come so far fighting my way to be where I am today. Standing on my own two feet. I have felt the love and the power of the universe. I have understood the path I had chosen and am willing to accept the life lessons I had to face.

I am not hiding behind a mask but instead letting my spirit shine brightly. Not worrying about what the ego world has to say. Instead I freed myself of the burden to be in the illusional world that doesn’t have my best interest at heart.

I have recognized my uniqueness and am fully embracing my spirit. Living an authentic and humble life. Not letting the glitter of the illusional world distract me from my life purpose.

By minding my own business, I have grown and matured. Seeing life in a different way. Being willing to let our imagination run wild to uncover what we would like to become.

In our journey of a thousand lives we have the opportunity to change course at any given time. We have the privilege to live our life to the fullest. When we free ourselves and heal our wounds, we are able to move to the next level in our journey.

We can finally become the rising light; we can make peace with our own life.  Life has so much more to offer when we are willing to go into uncharted territory to discover who we truly are.