We are our won intention

Feeling the love upon us we can walk on our journey feeling protected. While learning our life’s lesson, with an open heart we can rest assured the divine will always prevail. From the worst situations that we might be facing, what helps us to get going is our determination.

Wanting to change our lives for the better we are becoming the trailblazers. Finding deep inside of us the will to get going. Our spirit will light up our road, inspiring us to push forward even if we are surrounded by darkness.

With the support of the universe and perfect synchronicity we are going to get the support we need to overcome the storms we are going to face. Have faith in our spirit, believing we can overcome hardships to finally reach our holy ground.

Often, we are feeling we are living a life of a thousand, witnessing the growth and love we can generate. It is empowering to rise like the phoenix soring into the light. Showing our true colors by opening our wings. Feeling the powerful connection, we have with the universe.

Willing to go beyond our limits to finally archive our goals. We are meant to be living a life of magic. Becoming the master painter in our own life. Not willing to give up what our heart desires but instead getting inspired by focusing our energy on lighting up the fire within us.

We have so much more to discover about who we truly are. We are not our outer condition… we are our own spirit. Being faced with the ever-changing world we have to learn to transform ourselves along the way. We can become the better part of us when we are staying focused on our own garden. Minding our own business. Not accepting what the ego world wants us to see but seeing from our spirit what is for our highest good.