Rising into the sun

Our destiny is like the phoenix, rising from our own ashes. Keeping our dreams alive. Pushing ourselves beyond the limits, finding a way to move forward in our journey. Having faith in our spirit is to continue to let the fire within us burn strongly.

We all have to conquer our own Everest; it doesn’t matter how high we have to go to overcome our own obstacles. Finding the strengths to push ourselves just one more step. But when we co-create with the universe, perfect synchronicity will enters into our life easing our path.

We are spending so much time on trying to force our outer condition to change. We might forget to understand it comes first from our imagination. Naming it and then claiming it is going heads on into the unknown.

We have so much more to benefits by going into uncharted territory. Learning to co-create with the universe. Becoming the rising stars, we are meant to be, not willing to give up our dreams but ready to take the adventure of a lifetime.

It is not a privilege, but our birth right to claim what is rightfully ours. How do we do that you may ask? By opening our spirit and letting it guide us on our path. Learning to live an authentic life, not willing to be distracted by the world of the ego.

Finding who we truly are by becoming the trailblazers we are. Not taking life for granted but feeling blest every day. Learning to be grateful for what we have, counting our blessings but also being thankful for what we do not have yet.

Living a life of humility not feeling we are in a rat race. Becoming the master gardener of our life. Designing a world of peace when we are open to let go of the past.