Rising like a phoenix

Being driven by our spirit is to open the door to opportunity. Going through life with our raw feelings. Not willing to give up on our dreams but with tears and an aching heart pushing forward.

Like the acid on my skin you have to learn to become the warrior in you. Not willing to give up at the first sight of the obstacles standing in our way. Filling the burning fire in us that will drive us to accomplish the most amazing life we can ever dream of.

It takes faith and determination to open our hearts and let our true colors shine. Living an authentic life opens the doors of infinite possibilities. When you are willing to become your heart and live your life for your highest good nothing is impossible everything you want to create will materialize.

Not easy to be who you truly are when the world is influenced by the ego world. Feeling we are fighting for who we are, everything is possible when we know who we truly are.

Not letting any boundaries stop us in our life mission. Being able to be grounded, living a life humbly not taking life for granted. Doing an inventory of where we are and where we would like to be.

Honesty can be difficult when our ego blind sides us. Showing the wrong path that will not fulfill our life. We need to be candid with ourselves, not taking ourselves too seriously.

Becoming a child again to let our imagination create our next experience. We can have the most challenging outer condition, but it doesn’t mean this should determine who we should become.

Our inspiration is what drives us to change the course of our lives. Keeping on, pushing forward. Without it we would not be where we need to be. I have lived a life of a thousand. The life I had at the beginning wasn’t the one I was supposed to stay on.

It took a lot of determination and rage to get things moving. I never stopped dreaming even if my outer conditions where less than ideal. I would not be where I am today if I listened my ego. Instead I let my spirit guide me.