Letting our spirit shine

Chasing after our dreams, like the butterfly traveling freely on the plain. We are dream makers; we are trailblazers. We have the capabilities to transform our lives. From a dream to an energy of thoughts we are projecting into the world, we can learn to become the magician.

There is no shame in showing our true colors to reveal the beautiful spirit we are. We all have gifts that will help the world. Changing our outer condition requires us to believe in ourselves. Feeling the love inside of our heart and letting our heart open wide to infuse the world with the love it contains.

We are the inspiration that will lead the world to change. We are the wonders that will create the next experience. We are the reflection of our thoughts, life has so much more to offer when we are ready to step up to the plate and claimed what is rightfully ours.

Living an authentic life, not willing to bend from the pressures of the ego world. But soar into becoming the better part of us. When we are willing to embrace all sides of our spirit, we are becoming whole and grounded.

Becoming the colorful butterfly that will inspire others. We are the wonders of the world, we have so much more to discover about our own self. How many hidden gifts do we have that are ready to be uncovered? Living our lives to the fullest is to believe in the impossible.

Closing the gap between our imagination and the world we are living in. Being open to learn to co-create and open the doors to infinite opportunities. It is the experience of a lifetime; regardless how hard the road is for us.

Learning who we truly are, letting our spirit shine brightly. Being able to inspire others is what we are meant to be doing.