Becoming our own life

It is easy to preach to others about etiquette and kindness. But before we start to share this kind of wisdom, we need to learn to apply it to ourselves. Not that easy on days when you see a situation where you want to educate others with the wisdom of the universe.

We all have our ups and down, but living an authentic life requires us to be honest. It is easy to wear a mask and pretend who we want to project to others. But sooner or later cracks on the mask will appear.

When we are faced with all the uncertainties we are currently in, it might expose us showing who we truly are by our own actions. The curtain will lift, and your true self will show.

Why not start today to look at what you would like to change? We can all start to course correct our own patterns and habits that don’t serve us for our highest good. Becoming authentic helps us to shade our old self.

Transforming ourselves to become what we would like to become. When we are willing to open our heart and let our spirit guide us in our journey. We are changing for the better.

Improving our outer condition, learning to stay grounded. Being connected with the divine. Not feeling we have to fit into a world that is not ours. Going back to basics, learning to live our lives to the fullest.

It takes determination to be free, we are trailblazers. Why not, instead of pretending to be someone we are not, start to become who you are meant to be. We have so much more in our lives to do, we have no need to continue to be in the world of illusion.

Becoming a trailblazer is learning to live our life through our spirit.   We can be the wonders of the world. We are the magicians that can transform our lives.