Dealing in time of uncertainty

Becoming inspired these days can be difficult when we are staying confined in our own home. Not being able to travel or even going for a run. It is not difficult to feel like the walls are closing in on us when we have to adapt to a new way of life.

As we are moving along in our journey we have to be open to changes and become more adaptable then ever. For some people who have a tendency to try to control their entire lives it can be extremely debilitating.

This is when we have to learn to not get upset but instead learn to center ourselves by stepping back. We have a better view when we are able to remove ourselves from a situation.

Having to stay with our loved ones 24/7 with no way to escape this can become a volatile situation. From screaming matches at each other we can easily get on each other’s nerves.

We still have the option to go outside for a few minutes at a time just to breathe deeply. Encouraging everyone to focus on their own self, we can always escape the madness by doing something we have been putting off for some time.

We can clean up the house, re-arrange the furniture or do a spring cleaning of the garage. Also, we can look online for classes we might wanted to take, watching cooking shows that would inspire us to make something new.

There are so many opportunities at the tip of our fingers. Why not utilizing them for our highest good?  By changing our routines our patterns will only provide us what we need for our next new experience.

Becoming the better part of us is also being open to changing our path. Being open to go head on into the unknown.