Being our own self

Understanding how to co-create will ease our path. It requires us to be willing to give up control of our lives. Learning to trust the universe and go with the flow that will help us to archive our dreams.

It also will teach us to recognized what is for our highest good. When we are faced with the fork on the road we should lean on our spirit for guidance. Leaving our ego asleep so we can make the right choice.

If we are willing to make the right changes in our life, we can move on to the next phase of our journey. Discovering who we truly are, not willing to give up on our dreams.

Being authentic and honest with ourselves. As we are moving on our path, we have to be accountable for our own actions. Not giving up at the first sight of a storm, instead walking head on into it.

Challenging our boundaries, learning we are a student of life. We are not set by the limits the ego world wants to park us in. Instead we should continue to remind ourselves we are changing and evolving. We are not our outer condition; we are our spirit.

Understanding we can re-invent ourselves at any given time. Regardless of what people think we are. We need to realize some people will only see us the way they want to see us. We do not have to waste our time trying to show them we are not who they believe we are.

Instead we need to live our lives without giving our powers away. When we are learning to mind our own business, we are becoming our spirit. We are accomplishing and staying focused on minding our own business.

It is an amazing journey we are embarking on. It might not be an easy one but when we are learning to be present in our lives, we can see the beauty of the world and how amazing and magical life can be when we are partnering with the universe.