Going beyond the limit

We are all gifted. But when you grow up in an environment that doesn’t embrace your individuality but dims your beautiful light this can change the course of your life. You might I as did in my childhood face many rejections from a young child to adulthood.  I would have given up on my dreams if my spirit wasn’t pushing me to move forward.

Living in a wasteland for years I had no idea how my life would turn out. But my dreams and will power got me going. I did not give up on my vision, instead I continued to dream big. I pushed myself to believe in my own dreams.

Looking back at what I had to face during those harsh times, I did not give up because of the pressure the people around me were putting on me. Instead I kept going in my mind and got my dreams going. I let the universe into my life.

I was angry, angry I could not see anything moving. Angry I was stuck somewhere I did not belong. Angry that I could not shake off the feelings that this wasn’t the life I was meant to live. It is difficult when we feel that helpless.

Wanting to scream loudly that you do exist, you are alive. Or simply why me? Not understanding the bigger plan that lay ahead of you. You have to face storm after storm, learning life lessons that would make anyone change their course of their lives.

Being stubborn helps a lot when it’s come to continuing to move forward. Hoping to find the peace and love in your life you so well deserve. It might take years even decades before you can see the fruit of your own imagination finally materialize.

But through all the hardship I have gone through, I have not giving up on the life that is mine. Instead I have learned to nurture my dreams to finally see them coming alive.