We are infinite

It is not easy to become our own spirit. In the world led by the ego world we have so much potential when we are able to focus on our spirit. We are the light; we are the wonders that can improve the world.

When we choose to live our life to the fullest, we are learning to embrace who we truly are. Nothing is more empowering then to free ourselves of anything that is not for our highest good.

We can learn so much more when we go into uncharted territory. Becoming the trailblazer, understanding we are not in control of our outer condition. We are the light; we are our spirit. We can learn to live a balanced life when we are willing to change our patterns.

We can re-invent ourselves, becoming the beautiful spirit we are meant to become. We are living a life of a thousand, experiencing every single day what we are projecting in our mind.

We can still course correct our path; it takes time and patience to do that. Most people are not willing to change because they are afraid of the unknown. When we are willing to take a chance by listening to our spirit.

We can become the rising stars we are meant to be. Inspiring others to do the same. We can partner with the universe and learn to ease the path we are on.

We are not the observer in our own life neither should we repeat our parents’ behavior. When you learn you are the master of your own destiny, you are taking charge of your own path.

Creating what is best for us but also our loved ones. Learning to stay centered and focused. Minding our own business to grow and mature. Living an authentic life, being inspired by our own imagination. Having faith everything will be alright.