Living our life

Being in the moment, focusing on minding our own business. Not stretching ourselves to the limits. Instead, learning to co-create with the universe. As a new day dawns, the sun slowly rises and shows its majestic colors. From a range of beautiful yellow to a warm red, it is transporting me to another place.

In this element I can let my imagination run free. It is moment of peace and serenity; the air is pure; the quietness of the world is wonderful. We are not in a rush to get somewhere, instead we have learned to slow down.

We are part of the world by being connected to each other. We are magicians that have an opportunity to co-create a new experience. As the world quiets down for a while we have been given a great opportunity.

An opportunity to go back to basics, becoming closer and reconnected with our loved ones. Making a different choice in our lives by looking at where we currently are. Nothing would have predicted what is currently unfolding.

It was necessary for us to become more connected. Leaning on the power of the universe to guide us to through times of uncertainty. We are the wonders and the light. We are the love and the beauty; we can make this world a better place if we are willing to live our life through our spirit.

Leaving the ego world to become the trailblazers. Uncovering who we truly are, we are the sun and the moon. We are the wonders of the world that can connect each other. We are the inspiration that will improve and change the life of others.

We have to become who we are meant to be. Not worrying about tomorrow or what people would think. Just let the shine of your spirit be and live your life to the fullest.