We are the beautiful light

When we are all in closed spaces, we can feel challenged by it. We can get on everyone’s nerves. We have to learn a new routine, being able to cope with the stress that comes with it.

We can spend our time watching TV or doing something more challenging. Having the opportunity to co-create something new we can start to research what we would like to do.

Taking as much information that would help us to get started. We are here for our loved ones but also, we need to remind ourselves to put ourselves in first place. By doing so we can focus on our loved ones. We can improve our outer condition; we are not becoming the observer in our own lives. We are the rising stars that will shine and let our true colors becoming the guiding path for others. We are unique and beautiful; we are visible to the universe. We are mindful and magical beings.

We have the opportunity to reset our expectations, we are the wonders of the world.  We can improve our lives by becoming who we are meant to become. We are not defined by our circumstances but by our spirit.

As we are moving forward in our lives, we have the opportunity to elevate ourselves. As we are moving into the unknown, we have to learn to believe in ourselves. Learning to be humble and navigate the flow, which opens to new opportunities   that come our way.

We can picture our lives to be perfect but when we let the universe into our lives, we are opening the doors of opportunities, going into the unknown to open our spirit wider.

By learning who we are by accepting to change our lives gives us the opportunity to be an active player in our lives.