Living our lives

Dancing to the music I co-create with the universe. Letting my imagination be. Learning to elevate myself and let go of everything that is not for my highest good.

As I am moving forward in my journey of a thousand, I have an appreciation of the magic of the universe. Keeping myself grounded and centered while everything is unfolding in a positive way.

During time of uncertainty I have faith the universe will prevail. Not worrying about tomorrow but staying focused on the tasks ahead. I am elated I can finally focus on what is essential.

By staying away from the ego world, I can actually mind my own business. I have no need to feel I am in competition with someone. Instead I can focus on expanding my knowledge. I have so much more to do in my life. Nothing is more precious than the time spend in my own garden. Watching my dreams materialized.

When co-creating with the universe we are becoming mindful of what is essential in our lives. We are starting to live our life in an authentic way. We do not feel we are running out of time. We are becoming who we are meant to be.

As we are moving forward, we are starting to feel the magic of the universe in our lives. We can actually see perfect synchronicity work its’ magic. Reminding us we are not alone in our journey. We have the tools to make everything happen in our life.

We are not the observer in our own life, we are the primarily actor. We are the master that can change the course of our own life. By using our imagination, we can shift our outer condition for the better. Our determination will guide us on the right path while listening to the guidance of our spirit.