Creating our own dreams

Feeling energized by the beauty of the world. Looking at mother nature taking over for a while. Letting wild animals roaming the plains freely. Learning to go back to basics while staying connected with the world.

We can learn to travel through the comfort of our own home. Infusing our minds with the beauty the world has to offer. This is how we can start our own vision board. Taking the time to ask our spirit what we should experience next.

The next step in the process after we named it is to claim it. Starting the process by searching how we can make this happen. Asking the universe helps to get everything we need to accomplish our mission.

Learning to co-creates with the universe is learning to give up the control on how all the pieces of the puzzle are going to fit. Instead keeping our mind focused on the goals not the how it will unfold.

It is the job of perfect synchronicity to put the pieces together. What we need to do is to open the doors to welcome the changes in our life. Walking into the unknow to unleash the opportunities that are coming our way.

We are not alone in this process; we should not be struggling as much as it is needed. By partnering with the universe, we are levitating to create more obstacles.

We have a tendency to want to control every single aspect of our life. When we do that, we are not opening the doors to create magic in our lives. Instead we are introducing hardship in our lives.

It is not easy to let go and keep the faith and believe everything will turn out all right in our lives. When we are believing in the process, believing in ourselves and believing in the universe we can see miracles happening in our life.