We are the inspiration

Feeling the love of the universe in my heart, I am learning to let go of everything and lean completely on the universe. Not knowing what tomorrow will bring. I have faith everything will be alright. We are not able to control our outer condition but when you believe in yourself you are adding positive thoughts that will send positive energy into the world.

The universe in its perfect synchronicity will get the message and start to work on making it happen. Going into the unknown can be scary. We have to learn to relinquish the urge to want to control our own outer condition.

Learning to go with the flow the universe gives us, will help us to reach our goals. We can archive miracles when we are partnering with the universe. Learning to navigate the raging river that is our lives should teach us wisdom and acceptance.

Accepting where we are and where we need to go. Learning to continue to move forward regardless of our outer condition. Having faith in the process that leads us to better days. We are changing and evolving. We cannot stay where we are if we want to change.

We have to be willing to let go of the past. Not carrying the extra weight on our shoulders, lighting up our steps. We can do so much more when we are focused on minding our own business. Often, we are being distracted by other people’s drama. Being swallowed up whole by the ego world doesn’t help us to become who we are meant to be.

We can do so much more when we are creating our own path, becoming the trailblazer we are meant to be. Not being afraid of taking the next steps that will lead us to our happy ending. We are human and spirit.