A journey of a lifetime

Accomplishing our life purpose can be challenging. In a world that is always changing and evolving we have to learn to adapt. We are the co-creators, the magician that can transform our lives for the better.

We have the opportunity to create what our hearts desire.  But when you are living in the world of the ego, we can become distracted by the illusional world. Losing our will for an easy ride, the universe will support us along our journey when we are ready to let it in.

We have the freedom to choose what we went to do in our lives. It doesn’t mean we are always going to make the right choice. It is up to us to decide which direction we need to go.

In times of uncertainty we might fall into the paranoia the world is spiral into. We need to learn to ground ourselves and step away from that toxic environment. We need to stay cautious while becoming aware of our own worries.

Understanding what we are facing doesn’t mean we should ignore the signs. But we shouldn’t be going from a state of peace to a state of fear. Instead, we should be focused on keeping ourselves centered.

Asking the support of the universe during this time of darkness to help us to navigate to safety. The universe wants to help us so why not ask for their support?  We are not alone in our journey we can let our spirit guide us.

Having lived a thousand lives we should be able to adapt to our outer condition while projecting in our mind’s eye what we would like to experience. We are students of life.  We are here to not only reach our life purpose but also learn our life lessons.

Becoming who we are meant to become is a journey of a lifetime.