We are the magician

We are part of the chessboard of the world. Often, we do not realize we are an important piece of the puzzle. We are feeling we are not worthy, and life has not been fair to us. When we are in the middle of the storms, we might not see the end of it.

It takes time and sometimes a long journey to finally see the bigger picture. Not everything is as it seems. We can change our outer condition when we stay focused on our dreams.

The detour we are taking is not a waste of time but a teaching moment. A moment when we can learn something that will be valuable later on. Being a student of life, we are always learning and discovering who we are.

We are not alone in this world, even though we are walking on our own path. We are the master mind that can change the world one step at a time. Keeping faith is the bridge that helps us to move forward.

It also provides us the hope we need to start to change our outer condition. Believing in ourselves is the pillar, the essential part of the foundation we need to build before we can even think of creating our own destiny.

Having a little faith in us gives us the strength and courage to move forward into the unknown. Having a little faith in ourselves is the beginning of an extraordinary life. We can keep our heart’s desire hidden deep or we can let them come to the surface so we can finally live the life we are meant to have.

When you are willing to open your heart and let your spirit free you are finally becoming your true self. Letting everything go and walking forward into a life that is meant to be yours.