Learn to deal with the stress

Taking care of our loved ones “human and animals” is our priority in our lives. Ensuring we are keeping them safe and out of harm’s way can be challenging. From an acute illness to an accident, we are always there to make sure they are being taken care of.

We need also to account for our well-being. During stressful time we need to remind ourselves to stay centered. Learning to transmute those energies. Keeping breathing….not feeling we are running out of time.

We have to learn to rely on the universe for support during times of uncertainty. We might not be able to see the bigger picture, but we can definitely lean on our spirit. Listening to our spirit guidance that will lead us to safety.

When our love ones are not feeling well, we need to stay focused on the tasks ahead. Continuing to see them healthy. Asking the universe to infuse them with their healing energies.

It is scary to see our loved ones in distress but when we stay calm, we can keep their stress level low.

I am always communicating on a daily basis with the universe. If my loved ones are not feeling well, I always ask the universe for support and picture them healthy. This helps during the healing process.

Learning to cope with stressful situations is not easy for some of us. I have learned to leave my emotions aside so I could focus on finding the right path to go through the challenges ahead of me.

Learning to let our stress out in a healthier way. Often people do not know how to deal with stress. Instead of releasing negative energies on our love ones or innocent bystanders we should focus on channeling those energies in a more positive way.

It takes practice to do that, so why not start today?