Opening our spirit

Accepting who we are can be challenging for some people. When we are living in the world influenced by the ego we want to blend in, not wanting to stick out like a thorn.

It is difficult when your spirit is strong and bright to be part of the ego world. We should not be afraid to show our true colors. We should be following our own path. The hardest part is to try to control our emotions, so we do not feel the pressures of the world on our shoulders.

We can try hiding behind masks feeling oppressed. Letting the frustration build in our bodies. Feeling unhappy and angry at the world for not being able to be who we truly are.

I have seen people finally coming out of their shell decades later. You could see how beautiful and at peace they had become. They finally realized it wasn’t worth it to hide from our true self, but just learning to be who they truly are.

They also realized how much time they wasted not being their own spirit. Their heart was full of love. Their ego was not leading their lives anymore. Instead it was their beautiful spirit guiding them.

The transformation was amazing. So, are you willing to open your heart and let your spirit be? Are you willing to show your true colors? It takes courage to live your life to the fullest.

When you are free of the pressures of the ego world you are becoming your own trailblazer. Living your life to the fullest without worrying about what other people would say. Not seeking for anyone’s approval. Instead you are letting your ego guide you in your journey.

You do not need to feel in competition with the world but be part of it. You’re not feeling alone but part of something bigger than all of us. You are part of the flow that helps change the world for the better.