We are the shakers and movers

As I am writing my blogs, I can finally take the time to slow down. Letting the universe share their wisdom with me as I am sitting on my sofa with both of the pups by my side.

I can hear them sleeping soundly. It is a moment I can appreciate to learn to be present. How often my mind has wandered in my life, I couldn’t even enjoy a moment of peace. Taking one minute at a time. My mind works so fast that I spent my time circling in many directions.

It was non-stop, I have learned through the years to become present in my life. Projecting ourselves into the future doesn’t help us. In order to move forward we need to be here in the moment.

I understand when we are in the middle of a life lesson, we just want to be at the end of it. It is never fun to go through it so we start thinking taking a shortcut will get us to the end of our lesson sooner. Instead it would extend the time we have to learn that lesson.

We are the magician that can change our lives for the better. It requires us to walk into uncharted territory. Having faith and believing in the process will provide us the strength to face what comes our way. We are the alchemist that can materialize the next experience we wished for.

The universe will always support us in our journey when we are doing it from a spirit standpoint. We have so many opportunities that can be opened for us, we can learn the infinite possibilities the universe has to offer.

So why not start today? Why not let our imagination free? We do not need to conform to the world of the ego. We are to remind ourselves we are the trailblazers, the shakers and movers in our own lives.