Time of uncertainty

Riding the flow is difficult when we are in the middle of uncertainty. It is not easy when changes are happening that are outside of our purview. When we are riding that wave, we need to be able to stay centered.

Nothing can predict what will be the next move. We have to learn to rely on our spirit to guide us. We have to learn to have faith in the process. As we are moving forward into darkness, we need to keep faith everything will work out. We have to stay positive.

What should we do to stay in a state of equilibrium? We have to learn to be more at peace and stay centered. Keeping our mind light and spirit high. We can find a way to connect with our loved ones.

Making some plans to go on vacation or changing our vision board to add some fun and exciting activities to do. We can continue to push our imagination to dream big. We do not have to feel the walls are closing in on us.

Sending positive energies into the world.  Learning to be kind to everyone. Learning to let go of the past and heal our wounds. Not having to enter in any toxic relationships but instead being willing to change our old patterns.

In times of uncertainty this is a great time to see what we are made of. A lot of people will not be affected by what is going on. For the ones facing head on hat we are currently living with, they will have to learn to lean on the universe.

Co-creating is the key to getting through difficult times. Projecting in the present tense what we would like to experience next. When we are speaking in the present tense, we are letting the universe know we are ready to move forward.