The island game

What would you do if you were dropped into a deserted island? What are the three most important items would you bring with you? We are assuming right now that you had limited solar power, but food and supplies in abundance. No animals that would put your life in danger.

So, what would you bring? I forgot you cannot have any other humans with you either. Yes, I know, I would have taken a butler with me. So, what would you bring?

It is an interesting game especially when you have to think how would you spend your time? With limited solar power you do not have access to internet how would you communicate with the rest of the world.

What would you do during the day? How are you going to spend your long afternoons? Are you going to garden? Walk around the island? Are you willing to open your mind and let your imagination soar?

Are you going to bring a typewriter and start to document your life? Are you going to learn more about the stars and the planets? Are you going to be fishing?

It is a great game to do with others as we are in a state of social distancing. We can spend our time thinking about it. Letting our imagination take over our mind. When we are under so much pressure it is easier to stay frustrated but when you start to unwind by playing these kinds of games you are allowing yourself to ground your spirit.

You are not letting the world of the ego take over your own peace of mind. You are letting your spirit guide you. By doing this kind of game you are cultivating your own garden. Learning to not let your outer condition overshadow your own thoughts.

Why not start today?

My answers would be a telescope to watch the sky and stars. A typewriter with some paper to write my bio and stories. A Madera Teak Daybed Frame to enjoy during days and nights.