Having faith in us

We can always spend our time on social media ranting about everything or we can choose to unplug and reconnect with our loved one. When you are spending your time in the negative world you are not helping yourself instead you are deeming the light in you. You are stressing your body and weakening your shield, your aura.

Why do you want to spend more time attracting negative situations in your life while other are doing better? Why not stop being the victim and start to stand on your own two feet?  Often people who are full or resentment have not healed past experiences.

Learning to let our ego sleep will require, for some of us, a lot of work. It is not easy when we are spending our time in the ego world to walk away from it unless we are ready. In order to do that we need to take a full inventory of our own lives.

Who are the people surrounding us, what kind of mantra are we playing in the back of our mind? What do we actually have in our garden? Are we growing weeds? Do we feel if we are not the center of attention, we do not feel worthy? Are we happy and content in our lives? Do we feel we have to compete with everyone around us to feel we have made it?

Often, we are thinking if we get everyone’s approval, we are worthy, or we do not believe in ourselves enough so that we are afraid to make the right changes in our lives.

Living a life full or resentment or jealousy will not help us to archive our life purpose. Learning to keep focused on our own needs keeps us grounded. We are capable of archiving whatever we put our mind into when believing in ourselves. Why not make that leap of faith today?