Living our lives through changes

Being confined at home can start to get people on edge. Especially if you have kids and pets, as they need to spend time running around but now, they are confined to stay in a closed space with us while we are trying to work remotely. Quite a feat if we are trying to maintain our work schedule.
We are faced with the challenge to keep everyone busy. From the dogs or cats that could start a race inside of the house. Bumping and jumping everywhere, running like mad cows while you try to keep it calm.

The children needing more attention from you because they are starting to get bored. They are starting to get at each other throats. It is not easy to be the peacemaker when everything is becoming chaotic.

Staying centered is essential so our temper doesn’t escalate to a point where we are screaming and yelling at everyone in the house. Feeling like we are in an asylum and we are trapped without any chance of escape for us.

We need to create a schedule for each and everyone. Keeping everyone busy will help us to breathe better. We do not have to be running our house like we are the warden, but we can definitely find some activities that would give us some reprieve allowing us to focus on our work.

We are definitely being challenged when our life is unexpectedly changed. Being able to navigate the river we are on. Learning to be flexible can be difficult to deal with it. It is also a great lesson to master.

As the world we are living in is changing and evolving at a rapid pace we have to learn to adapt. As creatures of habit it can be difficult to do.  But if we need to be able to overcome all obstacles that are on our path, we need to be willing and open to change