What leadership means

Being a leader at work comes with a lot of responsibilities. What sets up a great leader from others is the understanding of helping their teams to succeed. Often people are running their teams like they are the warden or “big boss”. Instead they should learn what they could do to bring out the best and to empower each and everyone.

As we are looking at how we can improve our lives as leaders we should be able to switch the way we are leading. Being honest and authentic helps us to have a view of where we are even though it might not be easy to realize we are on the wrong path. At least we can change the path we are on.

When we are working in the corporate world, we might have affinity with some co-workers while having a hard time to connect with others. We need to stay open to communicate with everyone. We never know who has the answers to an issue we are trying to course correct.

When we are open to truthfully leading a team while allowing them to express themselves, we are opening the door to miracles. We are allowing people to blossom and succeed. It doesn’t mean we have to be their friend but we can mentor them so they can archive their goals.

We are living in a time of uncertainty, having great mindful leaders is what separates a great company to work with from an average one.

When we are leaders, we are becoming the sparks that will inspire others. As a leader we need to be open and accountable for our own mistakes. We need to be open to change course when it is appropriate. Recognizing our own mistakes helps to show the human side of us but also, it shows accountability to the team. Often people will not be willing to accept their own mistakes instead they will deflect them onto others.