Becoming the butterfly

It is a time of reflection when tragedy strikes, we are being reminded of our mortality. We can reassess where we are which will give us the perspective, we need to change our path. From time to time we are being reminded of what is essential.

When the world of the ego distracts us from our life purpose the universe will find a way to bring us back to where we need to be. When tragedy strikes, we can now see humanity at its best when people come together to help each other.

We also can witness when people are trying to take advantage of others. Those individuals are being exposed to the rest of the world. When we think about it in the “old days” people would try to pull scams on others or hording items they would be able to sell at a higher price.

Now, thankfully, some of the biggest online companies like Amazon and eBay are finally cracking down on them. It is great to see this happening as well as the law stepping in to stop this kind of thing from happening.

The collective is shifting to elevate everyone energies. You will always have people who are trying to prey on others, but the majority will finally open up and let their spirit lead their lives.

We are all connected, doing an act of kindness brings us closer. We have so much more to do when we are helping each other. Taking care of our loved ones, reconnecting with the people we have lost sight of or communication with.

We can take the time to meditate and center ourselves. Being kind to ourselves, opening our spirit and learning to co-create with the world. We are capable of creating wonders and beauty in our lives and the lives of others. Life is a ride we take every single day. Keeping ourselves positive in times of uncertainty and being blessed is what we all should be doing.