Riding the storms

Having a little fun in our lives while we are riding the madness the ego world has thrown at us. We have so much to be thankful for in our lives. We are reminded in times of tribulation to be mindful. It sometime takes a major event to halt a lot of the craziness in everyone ‘s life and to stop and realize what is really important and necessary.

We have to have faith in the universe when times of uncertainty are coming upon us. Changes are inevitable in our lives. We are never fully prepared for these kinds of changes. The best way for us is not to go overboard by what we are being bombarded with, via social media or news.

We cannot ignore what is going on, but we should stay cautious. It is a time when we can finally slow down and reconnect with our loved ones. Even with our neighbors, social media could help us to do that.

Not letting the panic take over in our lives but instead becoming more centered. It is a time to also look at what we would like to do next. Life has so much more to offer when we are focusing on creating our own dreams.

I have lived a life of thousand, I am still changing and evolving. We are transforming ourselves everyday with what we are experiencing in our own lives. Not two persons have the same experiences, being the best, is to learn to elevate ourselves.

We have what it takes to change our lives. We are the master of our own destiny we do not need to spend our time worrying about tomorrow. Instead we should connect with the universe and go with the flow. Not trying to fight what is coming our way but learning to navigate those turbulent waters.

Focusing on staying positive while we are dealing with the madness of the world.