Living our lives with an open heart

Working from home can be challenging for people. When you have your pets or children with you at all times it can be extremely challenging to be able to accomplish everything. With a world that is ever changing and evolving we are learning to become flexible.

Not willing to give up our own routine doesn’t help us when we are becoming too rigid. Life is a ride that can be, at times, challenging. Learning to navigate the rapids in that river. Staying calm in times of torment provides us the opportunity to find the right path to move on.

When we are overly stressed, we are diming the shield that surrounds us. We have to become aware of our limits and when to center ourselves. Feeling the world is going upside down is a reality the ego world wants us to believe. But when we are learning the world is always changing and involving, we can understand that nothing stays as is. We have so much more to accomplished when we are focused and minding our own life. We are also learning to be grateful in times of uncertainty for what we have. We are not feeling we are superior to anyone instead we are becoming part of the world we are living in.

Feeling the pain that others might feel, being in the world that makes us connect between each other. With new technology we are learning to actually use them as an extension of us. Not living in it but connecting with each other for work or personal purposes so we can continue to move on in our lives.

We still have to deal with our loved ones making sure they are safe and well. We maybe cannot resolve all the problems in the world, but we can start to change the way we are to help the world.