Inventing ourselves

Being mindful in time of uncertainty. Realizing how blessed we are, we can live a life full of excitement, but we also need to stay present in our lives. Having lived a thousand lives, you come to appreciate to be in the present moment.

Learning to be centered and grounded. Not being swallowed in the ego world of drama. Instead learned to step back and not let your fears take over your life. It is easier said than done when we are looking at what is currently going on in the world.

Being safe and wise helps us to avoid any issues we might encounter. It is also a great time for reflection, looking back at where we are. If you have a vision board why not look at it and see if everything you have is what you still want to do.

We have the opportunity to elevate our energies, taking the time to reflect on the path we are on.  Learning to heal and become the better part of us. When we can live our lives to the fullest, we are learning to tap into the infinite possibilities the universe has to offer us.

We are the master of our own destiny. By utilizing our imagination, we can open the doors of serendipity.  Why not start to mind our own business and stay focus on our own dream?  We cannot be chasing someone else’s dream if we are trying to realize our own.

We are the magician that can change our outer condition. We cannot do it alone we need to learn to partner with the universe. Believing in ourselves but also, we are limitless. Nothing is out of our reach.

It is time for everyone to start to mind their own lives, learning to elevate our energies and be mindful of our surrounding.