Becoming the light

As a student of life, we do not have to feel we have to be perfect every single time. Often, as we are learning our life lessons, we are being messy. We do not have a manual on how to proceed in some of the situations we are facing.

Instead we have to learn to figure out as we go. Improvising to get to the next level. These are great teaching moments that enhance our spirit. Making us uncover what we are actually made of. It is not when we are sitting on a coach that we are going to discover who we truly are.

It is when we are going into the unknown, taking a leap of faith that will help us to move to the next level. Bringing us closer to our dreams. Learning to have faith in times of uncertainty. Staying centered and being able to cope with all the changes that are happening around us.

Feeling blessed when darkness is upon us. Not willing to give up on our dreams, ready to make the right changes for us to move forward. Life has so much more to offer when we are keeping an open mind.

We are students of life, learning each and every day. Listening to our spirit, becoming mindful of not only our own self but also everyone else. We are the pieces on the chessboard of our lives.

As we are walking along our journey, we need to remind ourselves this is about our journey. How much we are growing and evolving. Understanding that we cannot control our outer condition but how we react to it.

Some situations will not be pleasant but those are the life lessons we need to learn. We should not run away from them!   We should face them with courage and support from our spirit. It might be scary but with the support of the universe we can overcome them and preserve.