Learning to go with the flow

Being inspired by the prospect of changing the course of our life is exciting! Going into the unknown facing our storms is daunting. But when life takes us in different directions we should learn to go with the flow of the universe.

I did not understand that expression “going with the flow”. I assumed it was following everyone blindly which did not set well with me since I did not want to be part of the ego world.

It took years before I understood it had nothing to do with the ego world but everything to do with the universe. When we are embarking in our lives, we need to realize we are not in control of our outer condition.

The flow is actually the universe ride, where we should not fight but embrace it and go with it. Knowing we are protected along our journey; we should not be afraid to go into it.

When the flow is taking us into another level of our journey it is the gate for us to move forward. When we are working on our vision board, we are calling upon the universe to co-create our next experience.

That said we should be open to go on that ride. Believing everything will work out the way it should for our highest good. We have to learn to let it go and trust the universe and perfect synchronicity.

It is hard for people to relinquish the control side of us. We have to understand we cannot control our outer conditions. Trying to do that would make us waste time, but also, we are exposed to sabotaging our happy ending.

It is not easy to do that but when we are co-creating, we are invoking the universe to help us. Why not let go of our own expectations and open our mind to receive the bounty of the universe?