The multi dimensional side of us

Behind a smile can hide sadness, behind rage can hide pain, behind frustration can hide stress. We never know when dealing with people what is going on in their lives. Often, we can assume a lot from people, but we never know what they can see or how they really feel.

Our culture is so used to wearing masks that we are losing our identity. Our own spirit is being silenced, letting our ego act up. We need to learn to get back our voices, we do not need to act up on everything. We have so much more to give and receive when we are in perfect synchronicity with the universe.

Our lives can change when we are shifting our minds to elevate our energies. We can create a new experience that can transform our life. We are the dreamers and the magicians why not start today? What most people are not doing is believing in themselves.

How do you expect to accomplish anything in your life if you do not have faith in you? We are here to achieve our lives purpose. We are the wonders that can change the world one at a time. Inspiring others helps us to change our outer condition. Nothing is impossible when we put our mind into it.

Going into the unknown is extremely uncomfortable but when we are not evolving anymore, we need to be able to do that. I have lived a thousand lives discovering my spirit while keeping my emotions in check around people.

Keeping a calm demeanor helps when you are dealing with high emotional situations. We are living in a world that is ever changing. We need to keep ourselves in check to ensure we are staying grounded.

Making the time to become the better part of us but also being open to listen to our spirit.