Being humble in our lives

Feeling privileged in our own way is taking life for granted. We might have everything we want or even reaching our dreams. Learning to open your heart and to let your spirit be helps us to stay grounded but also humbled.

We do not need to feel we are untouchable or superior to anyone. Falling from grace is always around us. We are being reminded every day where we are coming from. When you are been given an opportunity make a difference in the world.

Being distracted by the world of the ego will compromise the work we are doing. The glittering and shiny objects can be distracting but it doesn’t fulfill our lives. Becoming a trailblazer, a rising star or simply your own spirit requires us to take the time to listen to our inner voice.

Leaving the ego world behind, not worrying about tomorrow. Instead we should be open to receive what is given to us by the universe. Taking the time to appreciate what we have is essential but also a great reminder.

We are here to live our life to the fullest while helping others. We can learn to share or help others, maybe becoming a child or a pet advocate. We can do so much more when we can be the best we can be. We do not have to emulate anyone, instead we should be what our heart desires.

Living a life to the fullest will open the doors to infinite possibilities. Becoming the rising phoenix, spending our time to enjoy the life we desire. We can all do something that will improve the life of others. So why not start to do that today?

We are so much more than the eyes can see; we can learn to elevate our energies. We are the beautiful spirits that are hidden away, why not break the glass ceiling to finally rise toward our own dreams?