Being appreciative of what we have

Listening to silence is a privilege in my house. From two crazy pups and one demanding Miss Pépettes, life is not dull anymore. It is nice when everyone can wind down, while Mr Mac is watching what is going on through the window and Miss Dot is starting to fall asleep.

I am just starting to finally quiet myself after a long day. It is nice to finally relax a little, letting the world of madness alone. Not feeling we have to continue to chase after everything and anything. Instead I am taking the time to be present in my life.

My afternoon walks with the pups felt like a race. It was good but you could feel the energy in the air like it is going to snow again. As we are expanding our walk to deal with the noise of traffic, they are learning to stay focused. Distractions can be challenging at times, but they are doing well.

This type of training comes in handy when you want to make sure that despite whatever is going on around you, they are walking at the same pace and paying attention to the goal.

We, in our own lives, have to do the same from work to home. We are dealing on a daily basis with distraction. We have to learn to stay focused and mind our own business to reach our goals.

We can spend our time being affected by the distractions or we can ignore them focusing on the task and being present in our lives. Never giving up on our dreams, instead we should create the perfect opportunities by claiming what is rightfully ours.

We have to be able to materialize what we need. With the help of the universe we can ease our journey. Our spirit should guide us in our lives but when we let our ego in the driver’s seat, we are making our lives harder than they should be.