Grounding ourseleves

Finding a moment of peace when you are working with people who are emotional can test your patience, i.e. a nosy coworker that wants to know everything about you and what you are doing. It can be challenging at times.

This is why it is essential for people to be able to see who is around them. You can avoid drama when you realize who is facing you. You do not have to feel frustrated and tense each time the person who loves to troll around is doing his/her daily walk around your office space.

Just keep yourself busy and if they are coming to check on you just say “hello” and turn your back on them facing your computer. It is a great way to politely send them a message you are not interested on having a conversation.

These are little tips that can help you have a better day but also keep you calm in most situations. We are feeling under pressure to perform well at our job. Also having to stay civilized with everyone and this can be challenging when we have to deal with them.

It is never easy to stay centered but when we take the time to practice that every morning and night we are learning to stay in a state of equilibrium. Learning to go back to basic listening to our inner voice and our beautiful spirit.

Realizing how do we feel around people. Are we feeling calm and at peace or are we upset and angry? This is how we can learn who is for our highest good and who is not.

We can be in harmony with our outer condition when we are willing to do the work. We cannot find peace within us if we are living in chaos internally.

We have what it takes to change our own self so why not start today?