Staying connected

Taking the time to stay in touch with our friends can be challenging at times. It is always great to set some reminders or “to do” list for us to do that. Life can create gaps amongst each other unless a life change comes upon us. We slowly but surely can drift away from one another.

Making a great point, once a month to reconnect with everyone. This also applies to our own family; it is easy to let our children spend their time on their phones when we should be communicating with them. As teenagers they are going to want their own space so they can connect with their friends. We need to let them know we are still part of their lives.

When their ego is taking the lead in their lives and adding to that, their hormones are starting to change their body chemistry, we and they could be going through a ride from hell. It also is a good time for us to go back to memory land and remind ourselves how we were as teenagers.

We can gain wisdom in our lives, but we are still human. Connecting with each other is the essence of life. We can go into a retreat away from civilization but not everyone will be able to handle the silence of nature.

People are so used to the noise and human contact it could be difficult for them to remove themselves from it. When you decide to take some “me time” you can learn to re-center yourselves a few minutes each day.

I was walking with the pups near the road so they can get used to the noise and distraction cars make.  While we were on that stretch of the trail, I must say I had enough of that noise. It was a little too much for me. While the pups did well and focused on everything other than the cars, still  I was happy when we turned onto a street that was quieter.

As we walked away from the noise moving toward my home, I felt the peace but also it was another proud moment to see the pups are learning to walk peacefully.