We are beautiful co-creators

We all are beautiful; we are the rising stars that can change our life and the lives of others. We are the inspiration that can inspire others to push beyond their limits. We are the magicians that can create a new experience for ourselves.

When we are inspired, we can open the door of infinite possibilities. To archive our dreams, we need to partner with the universe. By co-creating we can ease the stress and drama on our journey. When you are in the middle of chaos or storms you can request the support of the universe. The universe is here to help us, most people do not realize that.

We do not bother the universe when we are in need of help. It doesn’t have to be a dire situation to ask for help. Most people do not realize the universe wants to help us, but they cannot do it without our consent.

Because we have free will, they cannot interfere to prevent any wrong falls of pitfalls we might encounter on our path.  We are the master of our own destiny regardless of our outer condition. We have what it takes to overcome our challenges when we put our mind into it.

We have the power to create a new experience in our lives to change the path we are on.  We do not need to become other than our own spirit. The world of the ego can be a distraction, but it will never help us to find our life purpose.

Going into the unknown, following what our heart desires will help us to reach our holy ground. We do not need to spend our time minding someone else’s business if we want to change our lives. We just have to mind our own to continue to evolve and change. We do not need to waste our time on futility, instead we should mind our own garden and let the seed of our dreams grow and blossom.