Seen how far we have gone

When we are minding our own business, we can finally focus on what we want to experience. As I am listening to one of my neighbors, she complimented me on how Miss Dot is quietly sitting waiting for us to finish our conversation. When we left Mr.  Mac was waiting in the entry way for us to come in.

It is amazing how much hard work we put into a project, educating our children or in my case training pups. It is hard work but once in a while it is nice to step back and see how far they have come.  From extreme abuses to a home that is peaceful, it a great change for them.

We all had to adapt; it took 3 months for them to start to settle. When you think about adopting a pet you need to be patient and understand they are not going to become the picture-perfect animal you wish they would become.

There are some days you might ask yourself why you decided to get them and other times you are so proud of them. They are part of your family; they are having crazy out of control days and other days you are having a blast.

It is in our best interest to listen and do a check up on how we are doing. It is not easy to always be present in our lives. But having pups reminds you to do that. They can feel your energies so when you are coming home grounding yourself is essential, especially when you are going for a walk afterwards.

We can also become the proud parents when the same little brats have passed, successfully, the camp interview so they can play all day with other dogs. By the time they come home they are so exhausted they will go to sleep after they are done eating their food.

Those are moments that will ground you and make you understand how powerful it is to always mind your own business.